My first blog entry~ Menu planning for a month

I’ve been saying I should write my own blog for a long time, and I’ve finally gotten around to it!  People always ask me about how I coupon, how our cash system works, and all the other little thrifty things we do.  Hopefully I can pass along something useful to you!

This month we are trying something new…menu planning and shopping for the entire month.  We tend to get home around 5 in the evenings during the work week, and by then neither of us have the energy to make a plan, shop, and cook dinner.  For January we have have picked 11 fast and easy meals we both know how to cook, so whoever gets home first can start dinner.  We will eat the meals on repeat for the entire month, and see if it saves us any money or time.  Our 11 meals are:

1) Grilled Cheese, tomato soup, and brussels sprouts

2) Stir Fry- Mix either rice or noodles, with cubed deer meat, veggies, egg and soy sauce

3) Tuna Casserole with broccoli

4) Taco Mac and Cheese (ground deer, mac & cheese, broccoli and taco seasoning all mixed together)

5) Bacon egg and cheese sandwiches with fruit

6) Spaghetti and Salad

7) Pot Pies and rice

8) Grilled deer steakes, homemade french fries, and broccoli


10) Chicken Fettuccine with spinach

11) Homemade Pizza

These aren’t the fanciest or even the healthiest meals, but they are a starting point.  Since I don’t actually use recipes, I’ll write down how I make the meals as I cook them and share later.  Our first shopping trip cost just over $100, and we bought enough to eat each meal 3 times.  I’ll need to go back and buy things like salad and veggies each week, but I am hoping we will spend around $150 or less for the entire month.

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