Breakfast for Dinner for 6.46

on January 6, 2012

Finally a dinner that doesn’t look like all the rest!  Tonight Zack cooked since his scrambled eggs taste way better than mine.  We had bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, with bacon, egg, toast and mandarin oranges on the side.  I don’t think I’ll give a real recipe since I think most people open a can of oranges, make toast, and fry some bacon in the skillet, but Zack’s eggs are pretty amazing and here’s how he makes them.  I’m typing exactly what he says, with my notes in parenthesis.

Crack eggs into a bowl.  Beat them with a fork until all broke up.  Pour in just enough milk to make them liquidy.  Add water, just a splash. (This is a trick we learned from Aunt Cleada!) Add 13 shakes of salt and 13 of pepper (oh my- I had no idea it was that much) Pour in skillet, and turn to medium high.  Keep it moving until its cooked.  Don’t let it stop moving with a spatula back and forth. Turn the burner off, add a handful of cheese, and you have to say “Now careful, these are gonna be cheesy” Mix it up in the hot pan until cheese is mixed in all over.

The Cost:

  • 6 Eggs: $2.78 for 18, so 0.93 for the 6
  • 6 pieces of toast: 1 loaf for 0.79 with 18 slices, so 0.26 for 6
  • 1 pack bacon (yes we eat an entire pound by our selves) 3.78
  • Cheese: 0.50?
  • Oranges: 0.99-  Have you found the dented can section in Martin’s yet?  They are all 50% off!
  • Salt & Pepper- too cheap to tell

Total: 6.46 Not the cheapest, but we love bacon in this house!


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