How to start couponing- Getting Organized

on January 6, 2012

Couponing is not as difficult and time consuming as you might think.  Just like any hobby, you can spend as much time on it as you would like.  I spend about an hour on Saturdays planning my shopping trips for the week, and getting myself organized.  The key to couponing success is being organized.  When I first started, I tried to cut out all the coupons I thought I would use and put them into a binder.  It was great for a while because I could flip through and see everything I had, but once I got a week or so behind in my cutting and organizing I just had a big mess.

I  now organize my coupons in a big file folder:


Each Saturday I buy 3 newspapers.  The Daily News Record does not have a Sunday paper, so the coupons come on Saturday.  I try not to spend more than $2.00 on papers.  When I get the papers I write the date on the top.  If you forget to do that, you can also find the date in tiny tiny print along the side of the coupon insert.  I like to write it on the front so I can quickly find what I’m looking for.

You should keep your coupon inserts until all the coupons expire.  Once you get a rotation down its easy to just dump the inserts at the front, move the others forward, then add your new ones to the back.

To find the coupons you are looking for, use a coupon database.  My two favorite are: Hot Coupon World and The Thrifty Couple

I also have a few sites I use that match coupons to whats on sale.  My favorite for these are: Coupon Mom and Southern Savers

This weekend there are supposed to be 6 coupons inserts.  This is awesome since there are normally only 2 or 3.  If you haven’t started saving coupons this is the week to do it!!  If you would like to see a preview of what will be in the paper go here: Sunday Coupon Preview



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