When couponing doesn’t go as planned….

on January 17, 2012

Not every week has amazing coupon deals, and not every shopping trip will go as planned.  This week  despite my great plan of getting some awesome freebies, I ended up with nothing photo worthy.  One thing many coupon sites, or even shows like extreme couponing, don’t show very often is that stores are often out of the products you want!  Here’s how my shopping trips have gone:

CVS- The coupon machine didn’t print the tampon coupon that had been advertised, so no free tampons.  Then the $0.99 greeting cards that were buy 3 get $3 were incredibly picked over and I wasted a good amount of time reading a bunch of cheesy cards.  After 15 minutes I finally realized “Why am I being so picky! They are FREE!” and left with some semi cute thank you cards.

Walmart- They were out of the bic pens, and sponges that were supposed to be free.  I needed some push pins, and wandered all the school supply aisles and never found them. Then I did get my Brita water filter on sale for $8.97 with a $10 rebate…but when I got home is was cracked! And I forgot to pick up milk!  Today I went back to Walmart, exchanged the Brita filter, got my milk and then the biggest disappointment….they had the pens in stock but I left my coupons in the car! The only thing that kept me from getting totally frustrated was that two days in a row I got the best parking spots ever!!

Anyway- my point is that for every few good couponing weeks you have, you will also have some that feel like a waste of time.  One thing most people don’t take advantage of are rain checks though.  Whenever a store is out of something you want and its on sale, be sure to ask for a rain check.  I do that at CVS almost every week.  Most rain checks are good up to a month, and if you get a really nice sales clerk they will sometimes even let you use an expired coupon if it would have been good when you originally tried to buy the item.



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