CVS this week (2/26) 3 razors, 5 blades and a heat wrap for under $3.00!

on February 27, 2012

I forgot to take a picture again, but I did get a pretty sweet deal on razors!  Last summer they were on sale all the time for free or almost free, and it looks like they are starting to go on sale again.  I would recommend starting to stock up on them.  Last year I got the Schick Hydro razor blades for sale, and the razor they go with are finally on sale this week!

Here’s what I bought:

  • 1 ThermaCare Heat Wrap Lower Back and Hip, 1 ct., $3.79 and got $3.79 off next purchase
  • 2 Schick Hydro Power for $9.99, used 2 $4.00 off coupons from 2/26 smart source, and got $8.00 off next purchase ($4 for each razor)
  • 1 Schick Silk Razor for $9.99 and used 1 $4.00 coupon from 2/26 smart source and got $4.00 off next purchase
  • 1 Schick Hydro Refills (5 ct) for $8.49 and used a $4.00 coupon and got $4.00 of next purchase

Here’s how I made it work:

Transaction #1:

  • Bought 1 razor and the heat wraps, and used a $4.00 off from last week, and 1 coupon.  Paid $5.78 (plus tax) and got $7.79 off next purchase.

Transaction #2

  • Bought the refills and other razor, use 2 coupons, and $7.79 off from last transaction.  Paid $2.69 plus tax and got $8.00 off next purchase

Transaction #3

  • Bought last razor, used my 4.00 coupon and 1 of the $4.00 off from last transaction.  Paid $1.99 plus tax and earned another 4.00 off next purchase

Total: I lost my receipt so this doesn’t include tax, but if I had not used any coupons or earned any ECBs it would have cost me $42.25.  I paid $10.46 and have $8.00 off my next purchase!  That means I got 3 razors, 5 refills, and a heat wrap for $2.46!!!

To do this you will need 2 papers from last weekend.  You don’t have to pay in 3 transactions, but if you do you will pay less out of pocket.  If you don’t have any ECBs from previous weeks, make sure you have signed up at with your emails address.  The first time you sign up you will get $4.00, plus they will email you great coupons!.

Last- If CVS is out, be sure to have them write you a rain-check so you can get this deal when the razors are back in stock.

You can also get UP2U gum for free and a few other deals…check them out at SoutherSavers.



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