I just saved $15 a month on my cable bill!!

on July 10, 2012

We watch about 5 channels on our TV, and those 5 channels already cause us to waste way more time than I would like.  This is why when my newest comcast bill showed up, and I saw the prices had increased by $30 something had to be done!  Our previous promotion had ended and now the TV portion was going to cast about $45 a month for our few channels we watch.  I called comcast and spoke to two ladies who told me there was nothing they could do to get me a cheaper price…even when I said I would cancel.  Now, as much as I wish I could cancel TV I really love getting local news, but not for $45!!! They said they couldn’t even downgrade me to a package with less channels.  I thanked the lady for her time, hung up, and decided to figure out how much I could get directTV for (with no real intention of switching because satellite doesn’t work very well at our house)  I found out the price I would pay if I switched and called comcast back.  I told the person on the phone ” I can get Direct TV for $29.99 a month what can you do so I don’t have to switch?”  Immediately he said “I can take $15 off your bill for the next 12 months!!”  It was that easy!!!  Now, this is still a crazy high price to pay so I can watch my local news, but I don’t know another way to have local news. (any ideas??)

So what did I learn today??

1) Call until you get someone who can help you

2) Don’t settle for paying more than you want on your cable/internet bills!!  They always have hidden packages and promotions they can give you.


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