How to get a credit if you lost cable this month in the storms…

on July 19, 2012

Today is the 19th of July and so far this month I have been without cable and internet for 14 of those days (hence the lack of posts on my blog!)  We lost our cable during the June 28th storm and then got it back for a week, and lost it again due to some other problem I never really figured out.  Today I called Comcast to see what kind of a credit I could get and they said they can either give you premium channels for 3 months or a credit for each day you were without cable.  Because I like to get as much for free as possible, I asked for a credit for the first outage and premium channels for the second.  They agreed with no fuss!  I highly recommend you try and save a few $$ by seeing if your cable or internet provider will do the same!


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