My first post after 5 years!!

on April 7, 2017

Butler 5

Wow! I had pretty much forgotten about this blog I started roughly 5 years ago! I do have a draft of a post I wrote 3 years ago when I had decided to be a stay at home mom and thought I’d have the time to blog again (ha!).  Anyway, 5 years and 2 more kids later, we are still working hard at saving money!

My husband and I have been pinching pennies pretty much our entire married life.  Shortly after getting married Zack decided to go back to college and we lived on whatever he could make roofing during the summers and my teacher salary.  During this time we racked up several student loans but managed to stay free of any credit card debt.  After he graduated with a degree in Physical Education he couldn’t find a teaching job right away, and our oldest son was frequently sick, so it just made sense for him to start his own construction business so he’d have the flexibility to be at home when needed.  For the first time we both had full time jobs!! About a year later though we found out we were pregnant with child #3! After doing the math we discovered we would loose money by me teaching and paying for daycare for 3 kids.  Once again we were down to one income.  This time around though we are 5 years wiser,  significantly poorer, BUT happier than we have ever been!

My blog posts this time around will be more about how busy families can live on less.  I’ll focus on ways to save money, make money, budget and just be content with what you have!  Enjoy!


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