Groceries for the week under $55 at Food Lion! Plus my weekly menu

on April 17, 2017

Today I did my grocery shopping for the week, but the planning started several days ago.  My weekly routine for menu and grocery planning starts on Wednesday mornings over coffee.  Each Wednesday the Food Lion, Kroger and Martins ads come in the paper.  While drinking my morning coffee, I take a pen and circle anything I think looks like a good deal.  If I think I have a coupon for the item, I write “coupon?” next to it.  Whichever store ends up with the most circles is typically where I shop for the week.  Sometime over the weekend I figure out what our week looks like. I then make my menu plan and add anything I need to buy onto my grocery list.  The morning of my grocery run I check my lists, the ads, and then check the store website and Ibotta for coupons.  Yes, it takes me several days to plan my grocery run, but I really only spend a few minutes each sitting.

I’m a little crazy about how my list is written (you can see it below).  I write my list in the order I shop the store, and I include an estimated price next to each item.  As I shop, if an item is more or less than I estimated, I make a little note so I know if I have money at the end for ice cream 🙂  This week I ended up under budget, but we’re saving the extra so we can go out to eat at the end of the week.  (Last week, my groceries ended up being just under $30 so we should have plenty!)

My list:


Things I bought because they were on sale: Strawberries, ham and McCormick spices (they were buy 1, get 1 plus food lion had a load to card coupon for $2.25 off 2. I got garlic powder and chili powder for under a dollar for both!)

Other notes- I didn’t buy the coffee because it was $6. We are running low, but I don’t buy it unless its under $5.  The LUVS diapers would have been a great deal but I left my coupon at home (They are $6.99 and last Sunday there was a -$2.00 coupon).  Food lion wheat bread was on sale for $1.09!! I also didn’t get peas because the kids decided they hated peas and would only eat broccoli. I ended up buying 2 things not on my list: cupcake liners and birthday candles because I forgot I needed them.

The final total: $54.80 ( I paid $49.23 because the milk is covered by WIC) This is for a full week of groceries…I shouldn’t have to go back to the store until next Monday or Tuesday.

Here’s this week’s menu: There’s a lot of ham…

Breakfast- PBJ, cereal, juice fruit

Lunch- nuggets, leftovers, pbj, fruit, crackers, cheese Today we did go to McD’s for Tommy’s last day of spring break…it was in the budget though!


Monday- Ham, Green beans, Mac and cheese

Tuesday- Deer BBQ, left over mac and cheese and green beans. Given to us by a friend! Can’t wait to try it!

Wednesday- Ham and Broccoli cheesy pasta. No recipe for this…I’m just gonna make it up

Thursday- We have Tball at 6, so the plan is to have a picnic at the playground with ham, cheese, crackers and apples

Friday- Chinese stir fry and homemade egg rolls This was on the menu last week but we ended up going to my Mom’s for dinner 

Saturday- Tommy’s bday! Pizza!!

Sunday- Tball pics during our normal dinner time, so the as long as we stay on budget this week our plan is to go out to dinner after pictures

Other- Alice got a cookbook for Easter and has decided we need to make smoothies this week.  I also need to make cupcakes and cake for Tommy’s bday.



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