Fruit Smoothies! Fun, frugal and full of fractions :)

on April 18, 2017

Alice got Usborne’s “Start to Cook” cookbook for Easter and she decided the first thing we were goingstart-to-cook to try would be fruit smoothies.  First- let me rave about this book! This is truly a beginners cookbook! It is full of pictures and super simple directions.  The best thing though is that it actually teaches HOW to cook.  For example-  In the fruit section you learn how to cut, peel and zest different fruits! You also learn how to pick out good fruit at the store and the difference between natural and added sugar.


For our fruit smoothies we needed strawberries, bananas and pineapple juice.  I didn’t give her ANY help in choosing what we would make, but she happened to pick a recipe that had all its ingredients either on sale, or were already in our freezer 🙂

The price breakdown:

  • Strawberries: $2.00 at Food Lion and we used probably 50 cents worth.
  • Pineapple Juice: $2.99 for 6 cans and we used 50 cents worth
  • Bananas: FREE out of the freezer.  We never seem to be able to eat the last banana on the bunch, so I peel it and stick it in the freezer.  They are perfect for smoothies!!

The total for 3 kid-sized smoothies: $1.00!!! Beat that Smoothie King!

How did I slip in a fraction lesson?? After teaching middle school math for 8 years I had plenty of experience with kids being totally lost with fractions.  I have decided my kids will know their fractions and LOVE them! I try to show them examples of fractions whenever possible.  In this recipe we had to cut bananas in half so I talked about how 1 whole banana when cut in half makes 2 equal pieces.  We talked about where I should cut to make the 2 pieces.  We needed 1 cup of strawberries we so talked about where “1 cup” is on the measuring cup.  We also needed 2/3 cup of pineapple juice so we talked about how that is less and 1 cup, and that 1/3 plus another 1/3 gives us 2/3.  If we needed another 1/3 we would have 3/3 which would be equal to 1 cup!  That’s not so scary is it???



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