What “Screen Free” week will look like in my house…

on April 30, 2017

You're invited

This coming week is “Screen Free” week.  I encourage everyone to try at least limiting their family’s screen time this week.  My kids have complained about the idea the most, but I think I’m the one that is going to struggle!

What’s our normal screen time? From 6-6:30 I watch the news while checking in on my emails and Facebook messages.  I get the kids up at 6:30 and then they get to watch TV while I make breakfast until 7.  The TV goes off until we get home from taking Tommy to school and then Alice gets to watch 30 mins to an hour of TV while I get a few things done like the dishes and making the beds. The TV goes off until later in the day, and I try to keep my phone put away as much as possible during the morning.  I do tend to replay to email and messages when I hear my phone buzz though.  During naptime (1-2:30) I spend a lot of time on the computer or my phone working on my Usborne business, writing blog posts, or planning for church things like Bible study.  After Tommy gets home from school the kids choose when they want their TV time which is usually about an hour.  They typically choose to watch TV while I’m cooking dinner.  While cooking, I typically check in on Facebook and check emails.  Once the kids go to bed, Zack and I usually watch TV or do computer work.

Are we going totally screen free this week?  No. As much as I’d love to, I can’t totally get away from my phone and computer.  We are going to try and go totally TV free though.  I am actually unplugging them tonight just so we don’t turn them on out of habit.  I have also downloaded an app on my phone called “Quality Time” that I have set to turn off everything other than texts and phone calls.  I have this scheduled to run each day from 9am-12, and 3:30-7pm so that when my kids are awake I’m focused on them.  I will still do work before they get up, during naptime, and after they go to bed ( I have to keep earning money right?)

Why do I want to do this? I really like my family, and I know my phone and the TV distracts me from giving them my 100% attention.  I also tend to use TV as a babysitter when I’m trying to get things done and my plan is to try and find ways to get them to help me instead!

I’d love to hear if you are planning on going screen free! I have a Facebook group set up here: Where I will giving away prizes when people post about their week.  Stay tuned for updates on my week!


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