Finding something beautiful in the mess…

on May 4, 2017

IMG_20170503_135121633                IMG_20170503_135135198


This week is teacher appreciation week and Tommy’s school asked that kids bring their teachers a flower.  My yard is full of beautiful flowers hidden among the weeds, and we gathered 4 bunches of flowers. One for his teacher, one for his classroom aid, one for his sister and one for me.  As I was looking at my  bouquet I was amazed that something so beautiful could come out of such a mess of a yard.  That’s when I realized just how many beautiful things I can find in my daily life even when it feels like I’m surrounded by mess.

In the first picture of my roses, you might see a tangled mess of roses and weeds growing up an arbor supported by 2x4s.  However, when I choose to look at this a different way, I see a shed in the background my husband built for me to hold all my teaching supplies when I decided to become a stay at home mom.  I see the weeds, but I know they were growing while I was busy taking care of my family.  The lady who lived in my house several owners ago was an amazing gardener.  In fact, she left detailed plans of what was growing in every flower bed which have been passed down from owner to owner.  This sometimes feels like a HUGE responsibility to maintain.  However, several years ago I was talking with a neighbor about how nice her yard was looking and she told me what the lady who lived in my house once told her.  She said not worry about the flowers right now because you are busy growing babies.  This is so true.

I can look around my living right now while I’m writing this blog.  It is a disaster! I could look at all the mess, or I can see evidence my kids had fun this morning.  I could look in every room of the house and find something beautiful if I choose too.  Sometimes that’s the hardest part though!  Most days I end up focusing on the fact that I can’t remember the last time I washed my kitchen floor, or even washed my hair.  BUT I know someday my roses will be perfectly pruned a free of weeds, someday I’ll be able to use my nice glassware from my Granny instead of baby food jars as vases, someday my house will be clean, and someday I’ll shower more than twice a week.  Someday I’ll probably miss all this mess because my kids will be grown, so until then I’m going to choose to find beauty in all this mess.


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