How to save on paper products when you have expensive taste…

on May 9, 2017

How to save on paper products when you have expensive taste...

I buy store brand of almost everything except for paper products!  When it comes to napkins, paper towels and toilet paper I want the good stuff.  No matter how good of a deal I might find, or how awesome a coupon is, I do not stray from my favorite brands.  If you are like me, it is possible to still have your high quality items AND save money.  Basically what do you need to do? Find ways to use less.

Toilet Paper- You can’t really use less BUT I have found when I buy the good stuff, we do use less.  It only take a few squares of the good stuff to get the job done vs. what seems like half a roll of the cheap stuff.  I tend to buy all my Cottonelle on Amazon for 2 reasons: First they have really great deals if you wait for them.  I try to buy as much toilet paper when it’s on sale as I have space for.  The second reason is that if you buy enough you get a really awesome big box which makes a great fort and hours of fun for the kids.  🙂

Paper Towels: We have gotten in the habit of using dish towels for many of the jobs we used to use a paper towel for.  We also use old baby spit rags and the foldable cloth diapers as rags for spills and cleaning.  The exceptions are really nasty or greasy messes (I won’t list examples, if you have kids and pets you know what I’m talking about).  For those I get my Bounty or Viva towels.  Like the toilet paper, we use less of the good stuff because one sheet is usually enough.  I also buy these in a big pack on Amazon about once a year. (Cheapo paper towels are great for paper mache crafts though!)

Napkins: For almost every meal we use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.  Not only do you feel extra fancy using a cloth napkin, they tend to work better anyway.  After each meal, we fold our napkins back up and leave them at our seats, and we use them for several meals before washing.  I typically only do laundry once a week, so we have about 15 napkins in our weekly rotation.  I also keep a set of cloth napkins that are only for when company comes over.  Our daily ones are pretty stained, but we know they are clean so it doesn’t bother me for every day use.  The only time we use paper napkins is for picnics and spaghetti night (or an equally messy dinner).


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