Are you getting a good deal on groceries at Walmart??

on May 11, 2017


My Facebook has been flooded with people posting about the new Walmart Pickup in Harrisonburg.  I think I have daydreamed about this at least once a week since becoming a Mom.  There have been times I would have paid serious money for someone to either do my shopping for me,  or just deliver it to my car. (Honestly some days I’d even pay for someone just to push the cart or hold a kid!).  I know you know what days I’m talking about! Those days when someone is sick, or its cold and you have to deal with winter coats, or you just gave birth, or the kids refuse to wear pants.  So I am in love with this idea of Walmart Pickup.  I just placed my first order…how amazing to be able to sit and do my grocery shopping while the kids are napping!! Tomorrow I’ll stop by on our way home from ballet and hopefully have exactly what I ordered placed in my car!

Here’s the big question, are you getting a good deal? I almost never shop for groceries at Walmart simply because the store makes me grouchy- too many people and too much walking.  This week I’ve spent a good amount of time comparing Walmart and Food Lion prices, and here is what I have found:

  • Convenience: Walmart wins! Having groceries delivered to my care is priceless.
  • Price: Walmart doesn’t really have sales, but their everyday price is lower on almost every item.  This is great news if you NEED something this week.  However, the majority of  my grocery savings comes from stocking up on sales items.  The everyday price of an item at Walmart is much higher than the sale price of items at Food Lion, Martins or Kroger.
    • Exceptions- Jam was almost twice the price at Walmart than Food Lion! I also found that Cabbage and pasta noodles were higher. I’m sure I’ll find more and I’ll start a list.
  • Website: I love the Walmart site.  It shows the price per unit for every item which makes comparing prices between brands and sizes super easy!
  • Coupons: You can’t use coupons (or WIC) when you use Walmart pickup.
  • Referral codes:  Right now first time users get $10 off their order of $50 so Walmart will definitely been cheaper for you! See the link for my code at the end of this post.

So where will I be shopping?? I will probably do some shopping at Walmart to fill in on items I haven’t been able to stock up on (or when it’s raining etc.)  I’ll stick to Martins & Kroger for stocking up when they have good sales but I’ll still do the majority of my shopping at Food Lion.  I have found Food Lion is friendliest to WIC users (I may post on this later!), and they almost always have something I can stock up on each week.  I will still only go to one store a week because I don’t have time (or energy!) to run around to multiple stores!

P.S.- If you want my referral code to get $10 off your Walmart order of $50 it’s:


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